Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy: Appeals

All appeals for exceptions to the policy must be submitted in writing using the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form with all appropriate documentation and an unofficial copy of your most recent academic transcript if from another school other than Tech that was not furnished on admission. An unofficial copy of the most recent academic transcript (available on B.O.S.S. under Student Records > Unofficial Transcript). Suggesting that the Financial Aid Office contact doctors, professors, or other persons for additional information is not considered adequate documentation.

Appeals must be received no later than the deadline for the specific quarter that you are requesting eligibility. We recommend that you submit an appeal as soon as knowledge of the deficiency occurs so that the appeal can be evaluated within a reasonable timeframe. A student may appeal a total of three times during an entire academic career at Louisiana Tech University. Appeal Deadlines are as follows:


Appeal Deadlines
Fall 2023 09/7/2023
Winter 2023-24 11/29/2023
Spring 2024 3/8/2024
Summer 2024 6/1/2024 (12-week & 1st 6-week)

 Types of Appeals