Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


The measurement of grades and course completion requirements imposed by the federal government in order to determine federal financial aid eligibility is identified as Satisfactory Academic Progress. Federal requirements are found in 34 CFR Sections 668.16, 668.32, and 668.34. Louisiana Tech has defined the rules in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (available in PDF format).


  • Federal financial aid cannot be paid while a student is ineligible due to unsatisfactory progress. In order to re-establish federal financial aid to a student’s account, an appeal or reinstatement must be approved.


We evaluate Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at the conclusion of each payment period (quarter).  Upon receipt of the grades and course completion data we will determine the cumulative GPA.  We will also calculate the “Pace” at which the student is progressing.  This is done by dividing the cumulative course hours completed/transferred to Louisiana Tech University by the cumulative course hours attempted /transferred to Louisiana Tech University. At the end of the quarter in which it is determined that a student is not meeting  SAP, a student who is not on Financial Aid Warning  will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for the next quarter they attend.  If the student has not met SAP qualifications at the end of the Financial Aid Warning quarter, they will have their financial aid funds for their next quarter stopped. A student who has their financial aid funds stopped or placed in Hold has two options; first, they may appeal.  If their appeal is successful, they will be placed on Financial Aid Probation for one addition quarter of attendance. Appeal requirements are listed in the appeal form and in this policy and are very specific.  Secondly, they may attend at their own expense until they raise their cumulative GPA and / or cumulative Pace to the required levels. The student’s record will be reviewed to determine if they are eligible for Reinstatement. If a student has met or exceeded their 150% limit of coursework toward their degree, the only action available is to appeal their limit.  This must be done according to the guidance furnished later in this policy. The topics below contain sections of the policy by topic:



Click here for a full policy affecting 2022-2023, or stop by the Financial Aid Office to obtain one.