Academic Works

Applying for Scholarships

Through our online portal Academic Works we automatically match you with all of the available scholarships for which you are qualified based on the answers you provide on the general application and information about you in the University student information system. Further, the system will recommend additional scholarships you may be eligible for that require you to provide more information.

The application periods vary based off of the departments time frame. During the application time period students may enter the system to complete and submit their scholarship application. While the application period is open, students may edit their application and provide additional information.

Below are steps to help guide you through the scholarship application process:

Getting Started

The scholarship application has a General Application section and an Opportunities section. After you submit your general scholarship application and Department specific application (if applicable), the program will automatically apply you to those scholarships for which your information is a perfect match. You will not need to take any further steps. Please note that more than half of the scholarships have this “auto apply” feature.

To maximize the number of scholarships for which you will be considered, it is important to also take advantage of applying to any additional scholarships that the system recommends to you based on answers entered on your application and/or academic information uploaded from our campus records database. To apply for these additional scholarships, you must click on the scholarship listed and follow the instructions to be considered for these scholarships.

If corrections need to be made after your scholarship application has been submitted, you can log in and update your information as long as it is before the application deadline passes.

General Application

You will be asked to provide information in regards to your Employment History; Extracurricular Activities, Organizations, and Community Service; and Scholarships, Awards, Honors. In some cases, your department may require you to complete extra documentation like submitting a recommendation and/or writing a short essay.

You can cut and paste your information into the personal statements portion of the application from any word processor program. Do not use special text formatting such as bold, italic, colors, etc., as these will not appear.

Pay special attention to spelling, grammar, and content as your application will be carefully reviewed by the Departmental Scholarship Committee.

Signing Up

All scholarship applicants must use Louisiana Tech University email addresses in order to log in (i.e. If you are a newly admitted student, please make sure you have received a Louisiana Tech student ID number with a valid email address before you attempt to apply for scholarships.

If you experience issues signing up, please contact the Louisiana Tech Financial Aid Office at 318.257.2641.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for scholarships?

Scholarship application periods vary by the department. Your department should be able to give you a time line of when scholarships will be available.

Does the number of classes I’m taking affect my eligibility for a scholarship?

It is possible. Most of the scholarships require full-time enrollment, unless otherwise noted.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

The system will automatically match you to as many scholarships as you are eligible for. There are some scholarships that will require additional questions to be answered. You may apply to as many as you want.

Do I have to submit the General Application every year?

Yes, you must submit a new general application every year to be considered for scholarships because prior applications are removed from the system at the end of each award cycle.

Why can’t I see any auto-match scholarships in my Academic Works portal?

Auto-matches made using student information from the general scholarship application are not viewable in students’ Academic Works portal because there is no further action required for a student to be considered.

Can I only apply for scholarships that are recommended to me?

No, the system will suggest scholarships based on your general application, but it does not match your qualifications 100%. You must browse all scholarships to identify and apply to scholarships for which you may be qualified. If you rely solely on recommendations, you will miss other opportunities that you may qualify for.

When do I start applying for Foundation/Departmental Scholarships?

We suggest completing your General Application when you begin in the Fall Quarter. You will be notified via email when departmental scholarships become available.

Trouble Logging In

If you do not have an Academic Works Account:

  1. The student must be admitted to Louisiana Tech University and have access to their Louisiana Tech Email
  2. At that time, the student can go to and sign up using your Louisiana Tech Email (Example- NOT or to create access for Academic Works
  3. Academic Works will send a confirmation email to your Louisiana Tech Email


If you already have an Academic Works Account but have forgot your password:

  1. Go to, then choose ‘Sign In’
  2. Click the ‘Trouble Signing In?’ option
  3. Enter your Louisiana Tech Email (Example: NOT or, and choose ‘Recover Password’ option
  4. The Academic Works system will send you a link to reset your password

Please note that once your Academic Works Account is locked it will stay locked for one hour. Please wait one hour after being locked out of your account before you try the steps above.