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Financial Aid Glossary


Review Your Student Aid Report (SAR)

After your FAFSA is processed you will receive a SAR from the federal processor. If you complete your FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA online, you will receive a SAR acknowledgement. When you apply online, provide your e-mail address, and meet certain criteria, you will receive an e-mail from Central Processing Service (CPS) that provides a link to a web page where you can view and print your SAR.

Examine your SAR. If your SAR is rejected, requires correction, or you are selected for verification, you should read the instructions carefully and take appropriate action. If corrections are necessary, you must send the corrections back to the federal processor. When sending your corrections, include all necessary signatures and/or your PIN. Be sure to list Louisiana Tech University (002008) as the institution that should receive the corrections. Be very careful because listing "Louisiana Tech" without the school code could send your SAR to the wrong school.