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Military Mobilization

As a result of the terrorist attacks, the United States has called members of the National Guard and the Reserves to active duty and has reassigned regular active duty Armed Forces members to other duty stations. Students and their family members are being directly impacted at the University by this call to service.

Numerous regulations and policies have been modified as a result of this military mobilization. There are numerous valid categories that the Board's provisions allow for these modifications. These include the student being ordered to active duty in support of a local, state, regional, or national emergency (e.g. local flood or tornado relief, hurricane relief, "9-11" support, etc.). Another valid category would be ordered to active duty in support of an ongoing national effort such as Operation Enduring Freedom.

Summer encampment, annual training, and monthly drill are not included in the rules since these are planned and budgeted for a year in advance and aren't considered "mobilizations/activations". The orders will specify the purpose of the military duty. The reporting dates on the orders are important because they establish which "option" the student is eligible for.

Active Duty military members are NOT covered under these Board provisions. They must be processed using the regularly established Resignation policy and procedures.