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Military Mobilization

To resign from the University, a student obtains a resignation card from the Registrar's Office, obtains the applicable signatures listed in the instructions, and returns the card to the Registrar's Office with a copy of his/her military orders. A resignation is not official until the resignation card is on file in the Registrar's Office.

As part of the official resignation process, a student must obtain a signature from the Financial Aid Office. Students who have been awarded and/or are receiving Federal Financial Aid must obtain the last date of attendance from each instructor before submitting the resignation card to the Financial Aid Office for a signature.

The Comptroller's Office will receive notification of the resignation and determine the percentage of refund that the student may be eligible for based on the date of resignation and the valid categories for mobilized military students. Sometimes the refund due the student will offset the federal financial aid funds that may have to be returned due to the Return of Title IV funds calculation. The Return of Title IV funds calculation is required by the federal government and there is no provision for waiver.

Students who receive Federal Financial Aid should read the Financial Aid Resignation Procedures to find out how this affects your federal financial aid and the Return of Title IV funds policy. Students who have received federal loans should contact their lender to determine their options while on active military duty.

When the student completes his/her tour of duty and plans to return to Louisiana Tech University, he/she will need to complete a new application for admission. For additional information, contact the Admissions Office at (318) 257-3036.