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FAQs: Packaging Financial Aid


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I received a Pell grant last year. Why am I not eligible this year?
There are numerous reasons why your eligibility might change. The most common is an increased income by parents or student. To better determine the difference, you should compare last year's Student Aid Report (SAR) to this year's information. An error in submission of information is often the cause for major changes in eligibility. If there is no obvious cause, contact your Financial Aid Office and request assistance.


When will I be packaged with an award letter?
Packaging occurs as soon as a complete file and scholarship information is available and you are admitted to Louisiana Tech University. A complete file contains a minimum of the Federal Student Aid Report and the Louisiana Tech Data Form. If selected for verification, then several additional documents will be required. After the automated system is operational, usually in March, we will notify all students who have submitted their FAFSA to submit the appropriate additional data. We will package on a weekly basis thereafter provided the scholarship award data has been submitted by all offices.


What does my budget consist of and why?
The federal financial aid budget or Cost of Attendance (COA) consists of the following elements:

  1. Tuition and Fees: The average tuition and fees for students attending Louisiana Tech University.
  2. Room and Board: The cost of a double occupancy room in University housing.
  3. Books and Supplies: The average cost of Books and Supplies at Louisiana Tech University.
The previous three items are direct or University charged expenses that must be paid to enter school each quarter. The following items are anticipated expenses that generally occur over each quarter and are added to the COA.

  1. Transportation Allowance: Estimated cost of education-related travel.
  2. Miscellaneous Expenses Allowance: Estimated costs of laundry, entertainment, sundries, etc.
Specific costs are outlined in the Quarterly Expense Sheet provided by the Comptroller's Office or may be estimated using our Cost of Attendance Calculator.

The Student Account also provides an itemized list of credits and charges for each student after admission and registration. Questions regarding items on the Student Account should be directed to the Comptroller's Office at 318-257-4325 or cashiers@latech.edu.


How does an international student get an on-campus job? What department should be contacted?
International students are not eligible for the Federal Work Study Program and should pursue jobs by checking with various departments on campus for regular funds job openings.


Will I receive the same work study job assignment that I had last year?
Yes, in most cases Work Study students are encouraged to keep working in the same job as the prior year. Students need to report to work in their department as soon as Fall quarter begins.


What are the enrollment requirements to have a Summer Federal work study job?
You need to enroll in at least 4 hours undergraduate (3 hours graduate) to be eligible to work and have a cumulative college GPA of 2.0 if an undergraduate or a cumulative college GPA of 3.0 if a graduate.


How do I get an out-of-state fee waiver?
To determine if you qualify for an out of state fee waiver contact Louisiana Tech Admissions Office or your Department Head. Some, but not all, departments offer out of state fee waivers, i.e. Performing Arts, Athletics, Graduate School, etc.