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FAQs: Paying Using Your Financial Aid


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When will my aid be here?
Once you have completed the federal financial aid process, we can determine the amount of aid you are eligible to receive. This estimated amount is posted to your student account. This posting allows you to see how much additional (if any) you will have to pay to enter Louisiana Tech University. You must confirm your class schedule before the posted deadlines. You may estimate out-of-pocket expenses by using our Cost of Attendance Calculator.

At the conclusion of drop/add-late registration each quarter, your eligibility for aid will be reviewed and any adjustments made as required. Any funds that are in excess of your University costs will be refunded to you on the dates noted on your expense slip and/or posted in the "Racing Form". Refunds may be made directly to your bank account or you may obtain a check at the cashier's window on the specified date.


What are the requirements to have my budget readjusted?
The reason for the adjustment must be documented in the student's file, and it must relate to that student's special circumstances that differentiate the individual student.


How long will it take for my loan to be sent to the school?
If the funds are to be sent Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and the loan has guaranteed, the funds are usually received within 48 hours. The school receives funds by EFT on Mondays and Wednesdays.

If the funds are to be sent from the lender by manual check and the loan has guaranteed, the funds are usually received within 5-10 working days.

No loan funds shall be received for a quarter prior to drop/add for that quarter.


How many hours do I have to register for during the summer quarter to continue work study?
You need to enroll in at least 4 hours undergraduate (3 hours graduate) during Summer quarter to be able to work and have the requisite GPA.


How can I tell if all of my federal aid has been credited to my student account?
Every Louisiana Tech University student has access to the Bulldog Online Student System (BOSS)! BOSS is an internet web portal used to connect students and faculty to the Student Information System located on the University mainframe computer. It is a secure method of accessing your student records, viewing grades, completing registration actions, and for paying tuition or applying financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans, etc.) to your tuition bill. It is operated and maintained through the combined efforts of the University Computing Center staff, the University Registrar's staff, and the Comptroller's staff. This system will provide you with your tuition/fee payment account summary.

During early registration and fee payment, the Financial Aid Office will post estimated aid. All federal financial aid must be accepted on your award letter before any credits will show as estimated aid on your student account. Pell, SEOG, LEAP Grants are tentatively posted to your expense slip based on your planned enrollment as stated on your Data Form submitted to Financial Aid. Perkins Loan funds will show on your student account after you have completed a Perkins Entrance Interview and a Perkins promissory note. Stafford and PLUS loan funds will only show on your student expense slip after they have been guaranteed.


What will my expenses be at Louisiana Tech University? How do I contact the Comptroller's Office?
Specific costs are outlined in the Quarterly Expense Sheet provided by the Comptroller's Office. You can contact the Comptroller's Office by phone at 318-257-4325 or by e-mail at cashiers@latech.edu.