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Alternative Loans: 2 - Request


  1. Complete a pre-approval with the lender of your choice. As of February 14th, 2010, Louisiana Tech University will not provide a list of available lenders and will certify for any lender a student completes the Private Loan Application Process with.
  2. The lender will notify the school if you have been pre-approved and request certification.
  3. Before the school will considering certifying the alternative loan, we must have a completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the current award year. (Exception: international student who is not eligible for federal aid.)
  4. We must also have a completed file with all required documents in order to determine the cost of attendance.
  5. The student must complete a self certification form for the lender. Students can get this form from our office. You will need to complete and return this form to your lender before they will guarantee the loan request.
  6. The school will check eligibility requirements. If the student is eligible, the school will certify the loan up to the cost of attendance minus other financial aid.
  7. The loan must be certified within an active loan period and must be disbursed prior to the end of the quarter.
  8. Any loans considered after the loan period has expired must follow the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) late disbursement rules.
  9. The school will not consider more than three Alternative (Private) loan requests for certification per award year.

The Division of Student Financial Aid reserves the right to decline to certify an Alternative (Private) Loan at Louisiana Tech University.

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