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Federal Stafford Loan Exit Interview

Any student who borrowed a Stafford Loan at Louisiana Tech is required by law to complete a Stafford Loan Exit Interview if, at any time, the student is not enrolled at least half-time, graduates, or leaves the University (resignation, unofficial withdrawal, transferring to another school, etc). 


  • If you receive a notice to complete the Stafford Loan Exit Interview and you have paid off all of your Stafford Loans, please email techaid@ltfa.latech.edu with "Stafford Loan Exit Interview" as your subject.  Include your first name, last name, CWID, and statement that you have $0 balance on your Stafford Loans.  
  • If you have paid off your balance as a result of a consolidation loan, you are still required to complete the Stafford Loan Exit Interview unless the consolidation loan has also been paid off.
  • If you completed a Stafford Loan Exit Interview "last quarter" prior to graduation or withdrawal, you will need to complete a new exit interview.  The exit interview must be completed during the quarter that you graduate.
  • If you are graduating and plan to re-enroll at Louisiana Tech University for another degree program, you are still required to complete the exit interview during your graduation quarter.   The student's official transcript will not be released until the Exit Interview is completed.

The Exit Interview can be completed online.