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TOPS Hours Earned Per Academic Year

All TOPS recipients must maintain continuous full-time enrollment. A student must be enrolled in at least 8 semester credit hours at Louisiana Tech University to be considered as full-time. They must also earn 24 hours of credit each academic year or the number of hours needed to complete their undergraduate degree. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of their TOPS award. The academic year is defined as the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters. *TOPS does not automatically pay for summer sessions; certain conditions apply.

TOPS Summer Session Payment Request and Acknowledgment Form

Students transferring from a semester school to Louisiana Tech University are required to complete 24 hours during the academic year. Thus, a student who attends Fall semester and earns 12 hours at another school would have to enroll in and complete an additional 12 hours in the Spring quarter at Louisiana Tech University to meet the requirements.

Earning 24 credit hours each academic year is the responsibility of the student. If you are taking repeat/delete or correspondence courses, you must consider how your school will record and report these hours. Remedial courses which are required by Louisiana Tech will count toward your 24 hour requirement. Advanced placement credits (CLEP) will not be counted toward your 24 hour requirement and does not result in hours earned.

NOTE: To retain your TOPS eligibility, you must be registered each semester or quarter as a full-time student as of the 15th class day at a semester institution or the 10th class day at a quarter institution. Correspondence courses do not count toward full-time enrollment.

NOTE: If you enrolled as a first-time, full-time student in the middle of the Academic Year (spring semester or winter/spring quarter), you will not be required to meet the 24 hour requirement that year.

NOTE: Credits from Advanced Placement, CLEP, and Credit by Exam are not included in Academic Year Earned Hours. Correspondence courses are only included in hours earned if completed and credit is given during the Academic Year.

NOTE: You must meet the requirement to earn 24 hours even if you drop courses, change majors or transfer to another school. If you do not earn at least 24 hours, your TOPS Award will be canceled at the end of the Academic Year unless you are granted an exception for cause.

NOTE: If you must leave school completely during the semester or quarter, or if you transfer to another eligible institution after the semester or quarter has begun, you should officially resign with the Registrar’s Office so that you do not receive failing grades in all of the courses in which you were enrolled. If you do not, your TOPS Award may be jeopardized. If you resign, your award will be canceled and you must submit a Request for Exception form to be considered for an exception.

For a more detailed explanation please refer to TOPS Rights and Responsibilities

TOPS recipients with less than full-time enrollment