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Financial Aid Glossary


TOPS Granting Exceptions

Exceptions to the 24 hours of earned credit per Academic Year may be granted by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) for certain circumstances beyond the student's control. Students seeking waiver of this requirement must complete an exception to continuous enrollment request form and provide all necessary documentation.

This form can be found at the LOSFA web site under the TOPS Portal/Forms:  Form TOPS0004. If approved, and all other continuation requirements are met, the award will be reinstated. Requests for exception to continuous enrollment must be received not later than six months after the date of the notice of cancellation.

An exception for cause to the requirement to enroll for the first time as a full-time student by the deadline, to enroll full-time each semester or term thereafter, to remain continuously enrolled and/or to earn 24 hours may be granted if, by the deadline specified in the letter notifying you of the cancelation of your award, you submit a Request for Exception form with the required supporting documentation sufficient to justify a failure to comply with these requirements. You can obtain the Request for Exception form with instructions and a list of the required documentation at www.osfa.la.gov, “Forms”, “Scholarship & Grant (TOPS) Forms” and then click “Download” for the “Request for Exception” form or you can call a Public Information Representative at 1-800-259-5626, ext. 1012, or locally at (225) 219-1012, or send an e-mail to custserv@osfa.la.gov. If your Request for Exception form is not received by the deadline, it will NOT be considered.

For a more detailed explanation please refer to TOPS Rights and Responsibilities