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PACE Completion Calculator

1. How many hours have you attempted in post secondary schools(AHRS)? This includes "w" withdrawn, Incomplete and Failed courses.
2. How many hours have you earned(EHRS) at all post secondary schools? A - D (A,B, C,D)grades and Pass & Satisfactory grades.
  This is your current PACE :



Maximum Aggregate Hours Attempted

All hours are considered even if financial aid was not received while attempting them. It does not matter where the hours were attempted, Louisiana Tech standards apply. The general rule is 150% of the hours required for the program of study in which currently enrolled.

Students seeking first degrees are limited as follows:

Are you a(n)?  
What college?  

NOTE:  According to federal regulations, a school must set a maximum time frame in which a student is expected to finish a program. As soon as it becomes clear that a student will not graduate within this period, the student becomes ineligible for federal financial aid.



Students seeking additional degrees are limited as follows:

*  Associate.............................. 60 credit hours beyond prior degree
*  Bachelors.............................. 60 credit hours beyond prior degree
*  Masters................................. 45 credit hours beyond prior degree


Students seeking a third Associate, Bachelor or Masters degree are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Doctorates are considered terminal degrees thus no federal aid is available for a second doctoral program.

*  Students requiring more hours to complete their program of study may appeal for additional quarter(s) of federal aid eligibility.

GPA Forecast Calculator

1. How many total quality hours have you completed (QHRS)?
2. How many total quality points have you earned (QPTS)?
3. How many hours are you currently enrolled or plan to enroll in next quarter?
Current Cumulative GPA:
Required total quality points to have a 2.00 cumulative GPA:
Quarterly GPA needed to achieve a 2.00 cumulative GPA: