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Payroll Schedule

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Student Employment Timesheets

Institutional and Federal Work Study Program timesheets are only available from the Financial Aid Office. If you have been certified to work by a department and your certification packet has been turned in to the Financial Aid Office, please allow up to 1 week for entry. Your time sheet will then be sent through campus mail to you supervisor.

Both student and supervisor must sign and date the time sheet before submission for payroll processing. The time sheet should be double checked to ensure total number of hours reported is correct and there is no reported work hours during a class time.

Approval is needed in advance for student time sheets totaling over 80 hours per pay period and to request a student to work during a holiday break or official university closing. A memo should be sent to the Director of Financial Aid addressing the following:

  • Reason the student needs to exceed the 80 hour per pay period maximum
  • Length of request (one week, one pay period, one quarter, etc.)
  • Number of additional hours requested over 80 hours per pay period