We recommend that you contact the other university for admission and financial aid requirements prior to withdrawing from courses or making a decision to leave Louisiana Tech University.

Plan Ahead

To insure that you will have financial aid when you arrive at another school, you should begin early to obtain transcripts and other needed documents. The University to which you plan to transfer can supply guidance on the transfer admission process. To insure that your new school will receive your FAFSA information, you should add your new school’s federal school code via or contact the federal processing center at 1.800.4.FED.AID (1.800.433.3243).

If you received financial aid at Louisiana Tech University during the current award year, your remaining aid at another school will be affected.

TOPS Students transferring to a semester school from Louisiana Tech University are required to complete 24 hours during the academic year. Thus, a student who attends Fall quarter and earns 12 hours at Louisiana Tech University would have to enroll in and complete an additional 12 hours in the Spring semester at another school to meet the requirements.  For a more detailed explanation please refer to TOPS Rights and Responsibilities.