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Financial Aid Glossary


Loan Proration for Graduating Undergraduate Borrowers

Per federal regulation (FSA 13-14, Chapter 5, 3-107) Louisiana Tech University is required to prorate a dependent or independent undergraduate student's annual Stafford loan limits, when they are enrolled in their final period of study that is shorter than an academic year. This will affect students that will graduate from their program of study at the end of the fall or winter quarter. The maximum loan amount would be determined by the number of credit hours enrolled for the final quarter/s. In some cases, the actual loan amount that a student is eligible to receive (based on costs, EFC, and other aid) may be less than the prorated loan limit.


The Financial Aid office will receive an official graduation list from the Registrar’s Office. If you fail to notify the Financial Aid Office of your upcoming graduation prior to the disbursement of your loans for that quarter, your loans may be adjusted which could result in a bill with the university.