Tuition Management Plan

Louisiana Tech University’s Comptroller’s Office recognizes Tuition Management Systems (TMS) as the provider of an Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option for those who want to level their tuition payments across the academic year. The payment plan is an alternative to large annual or term payments and helps limit – and even eliminate – borrowing. TMS is a company that offers, for a fee, to receive monthly payments from you and then, at the appropriate points during the academic year, make payments of tuition to the University on your behalf. Services included in the payment plan are:

  • Convenient, interest-free monthly payments
  • 24-hour account access through Tuition Management Systems’ web site
  • Toll-free automated account information
  • Toll-free personal service Monday-Saturday at 1-800-722-4867

It is important to recognize that the earlier in the calendar year that you establish an account with TMS and begin making payments, the more level the payments will be throughout the year. If you wait until just before school starts in the fall, TMS will require an initial payment of back months that will enlarge the first payment. Thereafter, the monthly payments will fit the plan you choose. The payment plan timeline is as follows:

  • Incoming freshmen receive brochures and information on the TMS payment plan in the spring, typically late April.
  • TMS re-enrollment offers are sent out in the January or February to anyone previously enrolled in the payment plan.
  • Students and families can begin enrolling in the payment plan at any time, with the first payment due on June 5th.
  • Enrollment after June 5th will require back payments for your account to be current.
  • The deadline for enrollment in the payment plan is August 25th.

Expecting loans, grants or possible financial aid? No need to wait. Enroll in the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option and your monthly payment can be adjusted at any time during the year. For costs and schedules, enrollment information, or answers to your questions:

  • Visit
  • Speak to an Education Payment Counselor at 1-800-722-4867.